This Truth EP

This Truth EP

Album Information:

The remixes of this second single from Lovespirals’ third album, ‘Long Way From Home,’ hail from an international group of producers who have all put their own unique stamp on this slightly retro, 70’s soul inflected tune. This time around, the band collaborated with loop producers, Peace Love Productions, on what turned out to be a very fruitful remix competition. From sultry downtempo to upbeat trance to dreamy pop, each mix puts a different twist on Anji’s heartfelt, soulful vocals.


  1. This Truth (Original Mix)
  2. This Truth (Kambronn Mix)
  3. This Truth (hEADaCHE Mix)
  4. This Truth (Pomatic Mix)
  5. This Truth (Grooveblaster Mix)
  6. This Truth (soulwhirlingsomewhere Mix)
  7. This Truth (TT&Yosh Mix)
  8. This Truth (donOesterby Mix)
  9. This Truth (Lthrboots Mix)

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