Free and Easy


Lovespirals’ 2005 release, Free & Easy, is the culmination of the band’s 3-year exploration fusing myriad musical interests into a satisfyingly smooth sound they refer to as electro-acoustic pop. Free & Easy embraces the bands electronic origins, offering a balanced blend of elements from the dance-oriented material of Ecstatic as well as the more rock and folk based Windblown Kiss.

Throughout this 43-minute collection of electro-acoustic downtempo, deep house, and jazzy-yet-rock-infused chill out, Lovespirals traverse many genres while maintaining a recognizably dreamy, sensual vibe courtesy of the smooth, soulful guitar and Rhodes piano of Ryan Lum, enhanced by the seductive vocals and romantic lyrics of Anji Bee.


1. Free & Easy (5:10)
2. Hand in Hand (4:40)
3. Deep in my Soul (5:03)
4. Walk Away (5:34)
5. Habitual (5:49)
6. Trouble (5:06)
7. Abide (2:58)
8. Love Survives (4:54) Download Free MP3
9. Sandcastles (8:25)